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Thursday, December 22, 2011

christmas countdown

i spy a snugly babe in a sling

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here. Time is going by too quickly. Katia is almost a month old. Oh how I wish I could just hit the pause button. But I can't. I guess it's just one of life's realities. Time passes. Babies grow. Nothing can ever stay the same. Time just won't stand still. It just means I have to remember to soak it all in. To really appreciate each moment that passes.
Our days as of late have been full to the brim with fun filled festivities. Yesterday we went to a friend's house to decorate gingerbread houses and you should've seen Noah's excitement. It made my heart sing a little bit. He was acting sweet and shy and quiet at first, but then he got into it and really enjoyed himself. I loved watching him pop the candies into his mouth. Every time I saw a candy go in his mouth, I tried to explain to him that the candies go on the gingerbread house. He maybe got about 3 candies on his house. The rest kept making their way into his mouth. It was so darling to watch him.
Noah's enthusiasm for Christmas is helping me get in the mood for the holidays. Tonight he said to me, "Mama? Mey Christmas"( *meaning Merry Christmas), which of course melted my heart. For Noah, Christmas is so special and watching the joy and wonder through his eyes is making me feel the spirit too. The way he asks me to turn on the tree lights, the way he points out Christmas lights that he sees outside, the way he loves reading Christmas books at's all so special.
There are only 3 days left until Christmas and I'm trying to enjoy what we have done and let go of what we haven't done. We have big plans for Christmas Eve that include visits with friends, the Christmas pageant at church (Katia is being baby Jesus!), and a special midnight snack for Winslow and I (fondue...yum!). Then Christmas Day will involve a big breakfast, gifts, phone calls to back home and in the afternoon a turkey and ham dinner here at our place with our good friends. I'm excited!
I hope your holidays are merry and bright dear friends. I have been trying to sneak moments to myself where I can go and visit all my favourite blogs to see what you are all up to for the holidays. Sending warm hugs from the chilly Yukon!
ps. Happy Winter's Solstice. Tonight we will enjoy some yummy warm stew, homemade bread and have lot's of candles! Today is a day to slow down.


  1. I remember going to watch one of your Christmas pageants, when we were about 10. I think you were the narrator....xo

  2. Your post made my heart sing! So many wonderful things in your life!!

  3. Warm wishes for a very happy and peaceful Christmas with your lovely family.

  4. I just checked in on your blog after a really long absence from the blogging world. I am so happy to read you have had a new baby! Enjoy every precious beautiful moment. She is gorgeous!


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