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Saturday, October 29, 2011

36 week update

36 Week Update

:: How far along: 36 weeks today!

:: Total weight gain: 39 pounds

:: How big is baby: could be 6 pounds already!

:: Maternity clothes: I alternate between black yoga pants and my one pair of mat jeans that fit. I really didn't want to spend too much on mat clothes and although I could throw on a dress, I live in the North and have been on relative bed rest the past week, so a dress really isn't all that practical. I live in my Tyme Maternity T-Shirts and like to throw a cardigan over the top. Scarves are my go to accessory.

:: Stretch marks: yes, unfortunately and lots of dry skin

:: Sleep: I've been trying to get as much sleep as I can and am trying to go to bed more early. This means turning off the computer, turning on my sound therapy machine (ocean waves lull me to sleep) and I banish Noah and Winslow to a different room. I've been having relatively uninterrupted sleeps and am trying to rest up in case our little girl comes anyday.

:: Best moment this week: getting to walk around. I had been on bedrest for over a week and was starting to go a bit batty. I went out with my friends Leanne and Jeff (we brought Noah) and went for a little walk around the neighbourhood. The fresh air made me feel alive again!

:: Food cravings: chocolate, ice cream, frozen things (smoothies).

:: Labour signs: I was admitted to the hospital on Tue Oct 18th with signs of early labour. They had to give me medication to bring the contractions down and then put me on bed rest for a week. Luckily all labour signs have stopped now and if she were to come now, she would have a very good chance at being a healthy weight with her lungs developed.

:: Belly button: flat!

:: What I miss: being able to go for walks (on my own) and being able to get comfortable when I am sleeping. It's so hard to get myself up out of bed!

:: What I'm looking forward to: her arrival! I can't wait to hold her and smell her and kiss her little head and fingers and toes!!!!

:: Milestone: making it to 36 weeks. Prior to this date, if I had gone into labour (which I was on the cusp of doing) , I would've had to been flown down South to BC to wait it out. We don't have a NICU here in Whitehorse, so the risk of having to leave the territory was really real. Now that we are at 36 weeks, if she were to come now, she would be developed much more and we could most likely safely deliver her here in Whitehorse (which is what we want, we love the hospital here, love the staff at the hospital, love our doctor and have so much support here).

And that it is my friends! One more week under the belt. I'm thinking that after 37 weeks I might start picking up my daily walks (around the neighbourhood) once again. I want my body to be in a bit better shape for when I deliver. I also plan on focussing on getting my sleep now, as we all know that once she arrives, this mama will be one exhausted (but happy) mama!

ps. My friend Carol-Ann had her baby last week. I'm going to include a picture I took of baby Emma! It's quite fitting for Halloween I think.
And the picture of me? Winslow took it in our backyard and YES we do have that much snow! See why I am in the Christmas mood already?


  1. Johanna, I am so happy for you that you managed to last to 36 weeks. Good for you. Much nicer to stay put for the delivery. Glad you are getting your rest and also that you finally got to get outside with Noah...that must have felt lovely!

  2. That is seriously one of my favourite maternity pictures EVER, and it's made even more beautiful by it being of you!!

  3. That is a gorgeous photo of you:). And Emma is adorable; congratulations to your friend:).

    It is snowing here in Massachusetts... I'm so ready to put the Christmas music on here too; I hear ya;).

    I'm glad to hear that you're off bedrest!! And you're so close to meeting your little girl:). Yay!!!

    xox, Blair

  4. Johanna, you are glowing. You look so stunning in this photo. xo

  5. Absolutely beautiful photo of you, Johanna! Christmas is just around the corner, and the best gift of all will be here soon :)

  6. goodness it is almost baby time. blessings and peace to you.


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