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Thursday, August 4, 2011

rockin' out the bday gifts

It's been birthday season around here. Already this sumer Noah has been invited to 4 birthday parties and soon his will be coming up! I love going to a birthday but for me, finding a good gift is always a challenge. We live in a small town where the selection is limited, so finding a unique gift that no one has seen before can be a real challenge for me. How do I solve this problem you may ask? Enter the collage kit and personalized freezer paper t-shirt! My new go to gift...until I think of something else.
Okay, so I showed you my collage kits not to long ago, but I am happy to report that they are getting more and more exciting as I make a few more. I've added some more embellishments as I go along and have been having fun making the packaging look more appealing. And then just a few days ago when I did my girl's night in/ get your craft on, I discovered that freezer paper t-shirts are super easy to pump out.
So last Sunday I realized that Noah had a birthday party to attend to and we didn't have a gift to take. Our only option at that time was Walmart and not that I am a Walmart snob, but the toy section there (at our location) down right sucks. So I thought long and hard about it, hit up the craft section to fill up a collage kit bag and then went to the boy's section to find a plain t-shirt. I dashed home, actually first I stopped at Starbucks to pick up a coffee and then I dashed home, only to kick Noah outside to hang with his Dad while I frantically put together this gift. I whipped up the collage kit, cut out my stencil for the t-shirt, applied the paint, and decorated the collage kit package while my t-shirt was drying. Easy peasy with only minimal sweat.
The time it took? 40 mins beginning to end. The cost? Maybe 10$ for everything. Yup! I was pretty darn pleased with myself.
So from now on, I am stocking up on plain t's and am going to be on the look out for cute things to put into collage kits.
Next project on the go? Loot bags 101 and Noah's birthday details!


  1. Starbucks starts any good project in motion! Can I invite Noah to my child's upcoming birthday lol? I love this freezer paper shirt idea!


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