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Friday, August 5, 2011

life is busy

This past week brought some ups but mostly downs my way. I'm not sure if it was a single incident or many little things combined, but I felt such a need and desire to run away from it all and escape.
Luckily things turned around and my self confidence returned. It took a lot of self reflection and some talking to of good friends to realize that the things that were bothering me were beyond my control, but really, it wasn't until I decided to let it all go that it got sorted out on it's own.
Am I being vague enough for you? Sorry.
Anyways, the good news is that I am over my little setback and am feeling good about where I am at on a personal and professional level. Let's just leave it at that, shall we?
The weekend is here and it is looking to be very busy. Photo sessions and birthday parties and playdates and oh my! I am happy for the busyness of the summer but am also looking ahead to when we go home (Ontario and PEI) for a vacation. I keep imagining myself and Noah on the beach in PEI. Him running and myself walking behind him. He will stop every few feet to find a new treasure on the ground. A rock, a shell, a small piece of drift wood, and he will say "Mama, what dis?" to everything he picks up as he explores a world that is foreign to him. Oh I can't wait. It's not that far off.
August is going to be busy, but with many things to look forward to. There will be the wedding of our dear friends Leanne and Jeff next weekend, which I can't wait for. There will be crafting for Noah's upcoming birthday and for the many babies that will be making an appearance into the world soon. There will be many photo sessions packed into this month, including an over night trip to Faro Yukon where I will be doing a little marathon of sessions. There will be volunteer shifts at the Artisan's Market where I have put up some of my prints for display and sale. And then there will be life....crazy ol', busy ol' life. Life as a pregnant mama, life with a toddler, life with my dear husband, life with my friends.
And that is all I suppose.
Happy weekend dear friends.
ps. this little mug was bought last December at the Japanese dollar store in Richmond BC called Diaso.

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  1. it amazing how fast we can get down, specially when self esteem is in questions. i am so glad you could talk about to friends and that you are feeling better already. i do believe the power of intention, so when i go down an emotional road that is dark i try to align the things that can bring me back up rapidly, such as a view , a song a story, a memory.


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