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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

homemade gifts to make and give

the mess! I love a beautiful, creative, messy table.

the galaxy play-doh

maybe more sparkles next time?

I have a confession to make. I stay up way way way too late almost every night looking through my favourite blogs and Pinterest and it's getting a bit out of hand. I might need an intervention...I just might. But at the same time, how can I not keep going back when I'm always finding fun ideas for amazing things to make, cook or bake. Really! How can I not?
While blog surfing the other day, I came across this great idea to make collage kits to give to children ( I heart her blog btw...such impeccable taste and style). I had a birthday coming up for 2 little boys and one of the mommies (who is my good friend Carol-Ann) said that her son Jack would like some new art supplies. So upon seeing this collage kit, I knew that it was something I wanted to make.
I spent a few days looking through the craft isles at the dollar store and also went through some of my arts and crafts supplies (goodness knows I have enough of it!) and then found some old cellophane bags from my craft fair days. I collected, sorted and packaged it up to make 2 very cute and useful kits. On the label I wrote "MAKE YOUR OWN COLLAGE" and on the back I wrote out some simple directions.

Here is what I included in the kits:

:: a small bottle of glue

:: a small bottle of sparkly glue

:: a small 5 by 7 flat canvas

:: a selection of buttons, circle stickers, sequins, pom poms, cut up textured paper and other doo-dads

:: some colourful and metallic papers

You could add all kinds of things to the kit if you wanted to switch it up...cut outs, different stickers, fabric, goes on and on.

The second project I made for the birthday gifts was "galaxy play-doh". I found this idea on Pinterest and love the look of it. It is basically play-doh that you cook on the stove with black and blue food colouring added and then lots of lots of sparkles. I went to the dollar store and found a pack of 3 containers for 1.50$ and made a batch that was divided into three. One for Jack, one for Aiden (the other birthday boy) and one left over for Noah. At the dollar store, I also bought a small rolling pin and some cookie cutters to go with the package. I thought it looked really cute all packaged up.
I just love giving gifts that I know will be used and enjoyed by the people who receive them, but when I get to make the gift, I find it that much more enjoyable to give. I'd love to hear if any of you have come across any good homemade gift ideas.
Hope you are having a great day! I'll be back soon to tell you about Winslow and my date day!
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  1. I love those ideas!

    I am just starting to get the hang of pintrest. I can see how it will be addicting.

  2. Kara... it's terribly addictive.

  3. I loved this idea when Jack opened it. I can't wait to get started on the collage and he is just at the age where he loves hanging his art work up in his room. Such a thoughtful gift!!

  4. Love it. I think I need an intervention, too! That's rockin' play-doh!

  5. wow, i really love how you spent time making these personalized birthday gifts...really sweet!

  6. very thoughtful and cool gifts! both great ideas to tuck away... if only i was on pinterest, i'd know where to put them!

  7. Sar- well maybe you need to stop pinning over pinterest and join already :op xox


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