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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July, Northern style!

Just a few photos of our 4th of July day trip to Skagway Alaska. It was my first time ever celebrating Independence Day and boy was it ever fun! It was neat to feel the Northern-small town-mountain-coastal vibe going on in Skagway. Our day was complete with a drunken dancing Uncle Sam, lots of delicious food and good company with dear friends.
Hope you 4th of July was a good one!


  1. I have loved reading your last few posts!

    A girl! Woot! Congrats. Get ready for cute overload.

    Your bump is too cute.

  2. Fun! Love that first photo of Noah. Super cute. I'd like to visit Alaska one day. I imagine it to be just like the show Northern Exposure. Remember it? It was fab!

    You get more gorgeous every day, Jo. Pregnancy suits you!

  3. love noni's hair -- too cute! but love the bump more! you look amazing! xoxo

  4. Oh, such fun! And Noah's little red white and blur outfit....OMG!
    You look gorgeous, of course. :)

    xoxo Dawn


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