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Sunday, July 17, 2011

it's the little things

It's the little things wouldn't you say, that make life beautiful and worth living? It's funny how one can wake up on the wrong side of the bed (I should know, I do this often) and miss out on an entire day of little details, beautiful little details. I'm learning to try to open my eyes to all the blessings that are around me. There are all kinds of things to be thankful for if I take the time to notice them.
This morning I am up too early and already have a to-do list that is growing, but I have been taking note of the amazing little things that have happened already and when I do this, I feel that I can't go wrong. So far on this beautiful Sunday I am thankful for and happy that:

:: I got to watch my son discover his and my shadow in the morning sun. He was trying to chase it and wave to it.

:: the simple pleasure of watching Noah play with his trains. For the fact that he is getting better and better and playing on his own for longer periods of time.

:: for an amazing engagement photo session that I had last night with our good friends Jeff and Leanne. Their wedding is less than a month away!

:: for simple new "art" in my kitchen. Pieces of fabric I bought on Etsy framed in discounted Walmart frames.

:: for my hubby who spends time with Noah everyday outside while working in the backyard. Noah adores his Daddy and just loves spending his time with him. Noah thinks he is very helpful by holding the tape measurer for Daddy. (ps. Noah is wearing a bug hat in case you are wondering. The bugs are BAD in the summer in the North.)

:: for beautiful baby kicks from within. It's like my own personal and private moment with my sweet little girl. Oh I love her so so much already.

:: for the yummy homemade soup I made the other day (I added roasted apples to mine) was so yummy but sadly gave me heartburn. A pregnancy symptom I've been "enjoying" as of late.

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