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Friday, July 15, 2011

sweet as jam

It's Friday and because Fridays are so so sweet I'm going to leave you with some photos of Sarah's and my jam making day.
Last Sunday my dear friend Sarah came over for an afternoon of strawberry rhubarb jam making. It was both our first time making jam and we really wanted it to turn out.
We spent the afternoon cutting, sterilizing, cooking, filling and processing our jam. It was a serious yet fun affair and it got me in the mood to can other treats. Next on the list is Dilly Beans....yum!
I hope you've had a great week dear friends. Thank you so much for the kind and concerned comments that were left after my last post. I'm still feeling tired and somewhat drained but I'm trying to slow things down and not take on too much. It's an on going lesson for me. Still working on it. Must keep repeating "keep it simple...keep it simple".
So happy weekend dear friends. I hope it's just as sweet as homemade strawberry rhubarb jam!
And if it's not...may I recommend making some jam? It's kinda therapeutic and makes you feel accomplished.


  1. What lovely color! I made some strawberry jam this year too but it didn't set quite properly. It's somewhere between jam and sauce. Still tastes great though and is fab on ice cream. ;)

    I'd been wanting to try dilly beans. Do you have a recipe you like?

  2. What a great idea to do it with a friend. I'm a little overwhelmed by the prospect. Happy weekend to you to!

  3. If that jam tastes anywhere near as good as it looks... then I think I'd have to eat an entire jar!

    Happy Weekend, Jo. Hope you get a chance to rest and rejuvenate some more...


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