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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

21 weeks and counting

I thought I'd do a little pregnancy update for 21 weeks of being pregnant. This week I an starting to feel much bigger and I've been really tired. My energy levels are down and I've been very impatient with my loved ones (mainly Noah). I feel bad about it and do my best to keep my cool, but the days are long and like I said, I've been very tired.
The good news is that Noah has been doing really well at playing independently and if I give him enough physical activity and outside time, his behaviour throughout the day is usually much better.
In other pregnancy news, I've been doing my best to go for as many walks as I can. I want to keep in shape and be strong for when I go into labour. The way I see labour is that you need to prepare and train your body for the big event. More on that later. I have some thoughts on how I hope this time will be better than Noah's birth.
So here we go with my 21 week update....

:: How far along: 21 weeks and 3 days

:: Total weight gain: it was 14 lbs...I don't weigh myself often except at the doctor's office

:: How big is baby: about 7 inches

:: Maternity clothes:
yoga pants, tank tops (because I am hot all the time), birkenstocks
:: Stretch marks: on my tummy and lots of dry skin

:: Sleep: Not good. I wake up for Noah and I wake up to use the washroom. I seem to be tired all the time. Tonight I am going to bed early.

:: Best moment this week: having some time to myself when Winslow took Noah for the morning. I've been craving some time on my own lately.I also got to go to church on my own which was nice, as I could actually sit and listen to the service without jumping up to get Noah.

:: Food cravings: sweets. baking. cakes.

:: Labour signs: None .

:: Belly button: same as always

:: What I miss: real uninterrupted sleep and my family. I wish I had some help with Noah sometimes.

:: What I'm looking forward to: our end up summer vacation to P.E.I. - my happy place.

:: Milestone:
I think that I actually look full on pregnant now. There's no hiding it now. I like this "belly stage"'s big enough to look like a pregnancy belly but not too huge yet.


  1. You should nap each day when Noah does to restore and revitalize you.

  2. not better than noah's birth...different than :) positive mantras, jojo

  3. I know Sarah....thanks for being my reminder xoxo

  4. Oh Jo, you're such a beautiful pregnant lady! I'm going to get that hoodie off to you this week (not that you'll need it till the autumn lol). xx

  5. You look fantastic! I love your self portrait ;)

  6. You are such a beautiful pregnant woman. :)

  7. You are rocking that baby bump!

  8. Your belly is so wonderful! I've been craving pregnancy lately.. oh goodness.
    (And also, can I tag along to PEI -- dying to go, hehe!)

  9. You look wonderful Johanna....can't tell that you are tired! I can't imagine how exhausting it must be to be pregnant when you have a toddler running around. I am so exhausted just with the two dogs!
    I loved your update, keep them coming!
    xoxo Dawn


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