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Friday, May 27, 2011

i was made for sunny days

Loving this song. Not that it's new, I just really enjoy it when I hear it. It says summer to me. I'm wondering, what's your summer song?
Today Noah and I met up with our good friends Sarah and Abby for a lunch time concert in the park. From May through till June, Whitehorse features a lunch time art in the park event where visual artists and musicians get together to preform and show their art. The music today was sweet folk music and it seemed everyone was out enjoying themselves. Noah and Abby had so much fun dancing around, snacking on treats and taking off to places where we couldn't see them. The whole scene said summer to me. Outside, sunshine, fresh air, sun hats and sunglasses, children dancing, picnic lunches and nice music. Pure happiness.
Lately little snippets of summer have been sneaking into our days. Like when Noah and his friend Evey enjoyed homemade popsicles on the front porch yesterday, that said summer to me. And when Winslow, Noah and I grabbed our favourite takeout of chicken shawarma platter and then went to the park for dinner, that said summer to me also. Ah sweet summer. Sun and warmth and days spent outside. After such a long and cold winter here in the Yukon, nothing is more welcomed than the short but sweet season of summer and I fully intend on making the most of each of our summery days here.
Happy weekend friends!


  1. I'm looking out my window at 10pm and its as sunny as midday!! Ah, summer.

  2. I was made for sunny days too... Wish they'd come and stay a while!

    Enjoy every moment of your short, sweet summer.

  3. Sunshine is pure therapy! Glad you are enjoying sunny, warm days on the Yukon. Noah looks so cute, and so grown up!

    xo Dawn

  4. Hi there... I have not visited your blog in a while so I thought I would check in and say hi! I'm glad you are still blogging. Glad you are enjoying some sunshine and warmth!

  5. LOVE the Weepies so, so much! They are coming back to town here in late August. Tickets go on sale Friday. Sarah Jane is getting them for us mamas. Wanna come down and go with us?! Wouldn't that be too much fun?!


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