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Monday, May 30, 2011

a creative challenge

I'm not sure what it is about the summer, but as soon as it starts to get warm and sunny and the days become longer I get this urge to create. I was browsing through pinterest one night and came across this photo challenge and decided that I would take it on for the month of June.
I just love a creative challenge, especially one as fun as this! I love some of these ideas .... a photo that makes you think of childhood ... a photo that has a colour scheme ... a photo that incorporates motion. I'm getting excited to start!
June is already shaping up to be a bit of a busy month, so I am not promising to get each photo done in a day to day order, but I am going to stick to the order of this list and from time to time post my results.
I put this challenge up on my Facebook page and had a few people interested in joining me, so I'm going to put it out there for all of my friends out in blog land too. Please feel free to join along and let me know if you do so. No special equipment, experience or techniques are needed. Just you, your creativity and a camera.
And how about you? Does summer get your creativity going in full gear? What are your creative goals for the summer? I'm also hoping to get my sketch book out and start a few sewing projects.
Happy Monday friends!


  1. What a great project!
    Hmmm....maybe I'll take part??

    xo Dawn

  2. good luck with the sunset one LOL!

  3. I'm totally in! Can't wait! Besides this challenge to get to know my dslr better, I am hoping to do some shooting with film, and some more art journaling too! School can't get out fast enough!

  4. mine will totally be amateur and I'll probably bend the rules a bit but I am looking forward to this little challenge

  5. Summer absolutely gets me thinking creatively!! What a great challenge!!

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  7. I'm going to take the challenge, Jo! Thanks for sharing this. Summer is definitely giving me some additional creative energy. It's all about the extra sunlight.

    p.s. I wanted to make my original comment longer so I just deleted it to write a new one, but now I know that deleting shows up.

  8. I have seen so many of these, but this one looks so interesting! So much more thoughtful than the other ones that are out there.

    Can't wait to see how you interpret these.

  9. This sounds like it will be such a fun project!


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