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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

the tuesday diptych project week 51 :: wednesday edition

Johanna (left): One thing that I will miss about my time in Ontario is walking around downtown. On a lovely afternoon my good friend Shirin and I took our little ones to one of my favouite urban parks that is right on the border of Chinatown. I love beautifully designed urban spaces, where people can find refuge from their busy days

Desiree (right): this cafe is practically my second home. I love the atmosphere, the buzz, the people, the tasty treats. I feel super productive here and completely comfortable. Mmm, one more bevvy please.

ps. can you believe that there is only one week left of our diptych project? xox


  1. Both of these photos are so beautiful! I love the composition of the black and white one, Johanna! Frameworthy, for sure.

    Love the new cheery banner, by the way. It's practically shouting at me to go outside!

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  3. I've only been lucky enough to spend one day in Ottawa, several years ago, but I loved it. It's a lovely city.

    I am rather fond of my own downtown too. Victoria is awfully pretty, if I do say so myself.


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