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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a flight home, a welcomed treat and computer time

Noah and I retuned home yesterday after a long, very long, day of travel. We woke up at 4am Ontario time, got a 7:30 flight to Vancouver and arrived in Whitehorse at 3 in the afternoon. Let's just say, I was pretty darn happy when that second flight touched down on Yukon land. I won't be flying anywhere again (knock on wood) for another 5 months and that's perfectly okay with me. Oh and why did my seat have to be put inf ront on a 20plus teenage boy soccer/or rugby/or hockey team? And where were their manners? Uggh 6 hours with hearing about farts and "shut up" and "woah were gonna crash". Let's just say I was so happy to get off that plane.
But what might have been a long and hard day of travel was all made up for when I came home. When I pointed out to Noah that his Dada was all the way down the hall at the airport, I never in my life had seen him run so fast or shriek so loud with excitement. It made my hear sing to see Winslow swoop up Noah into his arms and to see Noah so happy to be with his Dada.
Also I came home to all the fixins for a bbq, the first one of the season for us, yum!
And after our early dinner, out of nowhere, my sweet friend Sarah came over with a welcome home treat. A yummy quiche that will be enjoyed for lunch today and a loaf of her famous homemade bread which we all enjoyed this morning for breakfast.
It feels good to be home, but there are some adjustments to be made. Noah woke up at 3 am today, to his defense it would have been 6am in Ontario. Also I'm having a bit of a hard time letting go of all the family time that we just had. Nothing can replace time spent with family. To be with my sisters is like home to me. To see Noah and his cousins play together is like my childhood all over again and I am sad to have to miss that again now.
But with the give and pull of everything, life goes on and it's important to remember to live in the now.
These next few weeks are going to be very busy here for myself and the family. On the 19th of April we get the keys to our new home, and I'm so so excited to share that with you all. Also I have a number of photo sessions coming up as well as a backlog of sessions to edit. All the while, I still am a mamma to a little boy who so deserves my attention. Where to find the balance dear friends?
Lately, I've been thinking more and more about my time and how I spend it. It used to be common for me to have my laptop by my side almost all the time, clicking away while Noah occupied himself in one way or another. Going online was my escape, my connection to the outside world and my time for myself. But somewhere along the line, I noticed that my son was noticing what I was doing. He would come over and try to get my attention or sometimes he would even close the lid to the laptop. It occurred to me that this wasn't fair to Noah and I started to limit my online time quite a bit. I didn't want him to have memories of a distracted mamma.
Going online still has a place in the day for me, it just happens way less. It still remains one of my favourite way to unwind (over t.v.) and I love being able to read through my favourite blogs, but it is a treat and that's where I am starting to change my viewpoint of computer time. It is a treat, one that I get once Noah napping or asleep for the night. It is time that I want for myself, and I want it to be uninterrupted. I don't want to feel guilty about doing something for myself or that I am taking away from my son's time. Also with my line of work (photography), I spend a fair amount of time on the computer editing my work. This too can start to rack up the amount of time that I sit at my computer. And so, all this to say, that I may be more quiet at times but I am still here. Still loving my time on my blog, but being mindful of the time I spend.
I'd be curious to see hear how others limit their online time too. Is it even an issue in your home? How do you find balance between your real life and online time? One of my sisters refuses to get Facebook and limits her email time...I'm starting to see her reasons.
Hope that you are all well dear friends. Spring is a busy time with all sorts of new starts, projects and things to do. I hope you are having a happy day.
ps. be back later with a Tuesday Diptych!


  1. Welcome home, Johanna! Love your new springy banner!

  2. Your new banner is so cute.
    I love your story about your flight home. Isn't that just the worst? Young guys just don't seem to have any manners, and they think that everyone finds them hilarious. The talk about that BBQ has made me hungry!

  3. I concur: Spending less time online isn't easier, but it means the ways I engage with Abby are that much more involved and creative. Go you!

  4. Welcome back to the Yukon!

    I do enjoy my time online. And probably more so than folks in a big centre do. I give myself short spurts at the computer. Say 5-8 minutes once an hour when the kids are awake (not to say that I am on once an hour every hour of the day!). It is my break from the chaos of the kids! I ignore their whining and tell them to entertain themselves. Kids don't need mom to entertain them at all hours of the day- they have an imagination and can learn to use it! Once they go to sleep though, I use it a lot. We only have cbc in our house, so I watch a bunch of tv shows on it while I sew.

  5. It does feel hard to balance doesn't it?! I also feel like I have a bit of an ebb and flow with my computer time too. It often coincides with the busy-ness of our home life and my moods.

    As, for the rugby boys on the plane... YUCK!
    Glad you are home safe!


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