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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my Wednesday in photos

My Wednesday in photos:
  • a beautiful bunch of crocuses spotted while on my walk
  • an old historic home, rich with pretty details
  • sweet yellow rain boots worn by a sweet little boy
  • blue blue skies
My trip home to Ottawa is nearing the end. I've been busy visiting friends and trying to squeeze in every last minute that I can with family. My and Noah's days have been busy and jam packed and next Monday we will be heading back to our other home, Whitehorse. It has gone by so very quickly.
It's bittersweet for me, these trips home. On one hand I love coming here, love seeing my loved ones, and love going around to all my old haunts. But on the other hand I just hate having to leave, hate having to say goodbye, knowing that it will be a long time until I get to see everyone once again. I also hate that Winslow doesn't get to come home with me on these trips, oh how I wish we could enjoy our time all together. But that's just all part of it isn't it? The good and the bad.
These past few days have been busy and fun. Trips to Value Village to find clothes for Noah, walks around old familiar neighbourhoods, good eats, and Spring sightings!
Everything has been moving by so fast, so today I made a conscious effort to slow down and take some photos of what I saw while out on a walk. Spring is here in Ottawa and it's is just beautiful! Enjoy!
Hope you are enjoying your Spring days dear friends!


  1. Gorgeous photos love Noah's boots :)

  2. You have such a push/pull bittersweet battle. It must be lovely for you and Noah to spend these extended periods with your family. Winslow must notice huge changes in Noah when he sees him. Even a couple of weeks with little ones brings new things. Lovely pictures!


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