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Monday, April 4, 2011

on being home

On Saturday I hit the open road, just Noah and I. We were returning from visiting my Grandmother (Noah's Great Gran) as well as other family like my uncle, cousin and Aunt. My sisters and I had all made the trip, with our 4 combined kids. It had been a special visit, complete with a stay in a motel which had the little ones very excited. Noah especially loved being able to walk down the hall to his Auntie and cousin's room, it was like a big party.
The trip was all about making memories. Now that I live up North and so does my sister Sarah, family time and visits are sadly more rare. To go to my Grandmother's place is a 4-5 hours drive each way (*with kids), so to consider that we were all able to make the timing, it was an awesome surprise.
On my way home to Ottawa, I stopped by the town of a friend of mine. And again, I was so happy and glad that I stopped to see her and her sweet babe. It wasn't on route, but it was worth the drive. I needed to see her and see how well she was doing.
Leaving my friend's house I still had another 2 hours to go. Noah fell fast asleep as soon as we hit the highway, and I let my mind go in all sort of directions. For 2 hours I drove in near silence, thinking about all sorts of things, some pretty profound, others pretty simple. I thought about the love I have for my husband and how lucky I am to have him. I thought about the time I had spent with my family, trying to soak in all the memories that had just been made. I thought about the Yukon and how I missed it. I thought about Ontario, and how I miss living here too. I thought about all the amazing things I had already done while home on my short visit. Thought about friends, food, Easter, and Spring.
I looked back a few times at my sleeping angel and heard him make adorable noises in his sleep. I also thought about him and how I love him so very much. About how amazing he is, how much we get along and how I enjoy spending my time with him.
It was a nice quiet 2 hours all to myself. Time to just think and be.
When we got home to my in-laws we made a yummy healthy dinner, Noah had a nice long bath, got into his jammies and played before bed with his Tita (Auntie in Filipino) and Lolo (Grandpa). And as I watched them play and laugh, I added this to my mental list of memories that I want to keep alive and fresh.
Hope you had a happy weekend friends.


  1. Ah, I love those family trips. Glad you and some quiet time in the car (no getting sick!!) to ponder. Have a good week, lady!

  2. Oh, Joj. I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying your time home and carpe diem-ing!

  3. I must be extra tired today, or just overly emotional, but this post made me a little bit teary-eyed! Sounds like a wonderful trip, and what a great opportunity to enjoy that time to yourself, thinking about anything and everything.

  4. There's nothing like a drive to clear your head, or to connect the dots of thoughts! I remember one particular quick trip home for a funeral, lots of thinking to do and I was glad I had one of my little men along with me to make me laugh at points. I made the Halifax/New Brunswick trip several times alone with kiddos in tow, it's pretty empowering to say you can do that too!


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