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Thursday, March 17, 2011

top of the day to ya'

Happy St.Patty's Day dear friends!
Just popping in to wish you all a very happy day. I hope the luck of the Irish comes your way.
Today we are celebrating by wearing our shamrock pins ( I swear I am obsessed with making pins for Noah) and some green. And I thought I'd try to make some green food for lunch, so spinach squares it is!
Hope you have a lovely day!
ps. here we were last year, green beer and all! Look how much Noah has grown!


  1. adorable pics! canèt wait to see you both!!! xoxo

  2. What a fun day to spend together. I really like the pin you made him--very cute!

  3. they are so adorable! love the shamrock pin. so talented!

  4. oh my! look how big he is now! glad you had a fun day!

  5. Love the pins! They are adorable. You are such a creative Mama!


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