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Thursday, March 18, 2010

happy St. Paddy's day!

Happy belated St. Paddy's day! This was us out for lunch yesterday. We are holding up Daddy's green beer to show our spirit. I just had gingerale but obviously needed to have a photo with the green beer.
We also went to Mother Goose (an hour of nursery rhymes, songs, stories) all together. Usually Winslow has to miss out on this because he works days, but this week he is working nights, so he was able to join us.
Today we are going to a friend's "baby St. Paddy's day party". Can't wait!


  1. Love the festiveness! I didn't realize until the end of the day that I actually DID have a green shirt. Shoot. Next year.

  2. I thought I left a comment, but I don't see it! It's a very cute picture ... I don't think I've ever really had green beer ...


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