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Saturday, December 11, 2010

handmade holidays

The other day while admiring the adorable felted flower pins that adorn my friend's daughters' jackets I started to feel sad that I couldn't place a little pin on Noah's jacket. For some reason I had it in my head that the only types of pins that could be found were flower pins, and well, I just didn't envision a flower pin on Noah's winter coat.
But then I thought to myself, wait, why not a Christmas pin or sorts and then the wheels began to turn (you know "the wheels"'s when a crafty person gets an idea in their head and starts running with it).
And so after some poking around shops in Vancouver and looking online for inspiration, I came up with this idea and I quite like it. A snow man pin, perfect for sprucing up a little one's ensemble.
And now that I've made this, I'm thinking of venturing out towards other things like robots and penguins and who knows what else.
Now the only question left is, should I wear a Christmas pin? Too Granny? Or just the right touch? Opinions please.
Happy weekend dear friends !


  1. Oh, Johanna, I would LOVE to see a robot pin! I have a thing for robots paired with little guys. It's so hip + sweet.

    And as far as a pin on you goes, not at all granny. I think the person wears the pin...not the pin wears the person. So, if the wearer is fresh, upbeat and young, it seems sweetly seasonal. :) I'm sure you'll wear it well!

  2. CUTE!!

    And you could totally rock a Christmas pin!


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