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Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas traditions revisited

How can it be that there are only 2 weeks left until Christmas. I'm feeling excited yet not exactly ready for the big day. The lead up to Christmas has always been my favourite part and some how, this year, it seems to be passing me by.
This year Christmas is going to be different. Many things have changed from previous Christmases gone by, but in my mind I have to tell myself that nothing ever stays the same.
For starters, this year my dear hubby will be keeping the streets of Whitehorse safe on both Christmas Eve and Christmas night. He won't be with us those nights and this is a first for us. I always knew that there would be holidays and occasions missed in the name of his job, so I guess luck of the draw would make it our turn this year.
It's sad to think that we will be without him on those nights, but the silver lining to that cloud is that we have gained a whole new extended family since moving here to Whitehorse and already our Christmas day is packed with plans to visit different friends, which is something that I am really looking forward to.
There are other things too that will make Christmas different this year, like the fact that Noah and I will be heading home to Ontario the day after Christmas (without Winslow). Again, sad that he won't be with us but at the same time I am so excited for Noah and I to see our family and friends.
So all in all, its not exactly the most conventional and traditional of Christmases, but it is one that will soon not be forgotten for there are many special things that I am looking forward to.
For starts, a very special baby bear was born just days ago that I will get to meet when I return home. More on this baby bear later...I promise.
And Noah and I will also be getting to see all our family (from both sides) who we have missed so much.
And while here in Whitehorse, Noah and I will get to celebrate Christmas with our new found families (surrogate or extended or however you want to put it). And that's a blessing because we sure are blessed to have met such lovely people here so soon since moving.
On Christmas Eve, Winslow has promised me that he will attend midnight mass with Noah and I while in uniform (which I think is kind of romantic).
And so maybe Christmas won't be so different after all. Things may have changed, the logistics might be a bit different but what it all comes down to is that we will be surrounding ourselves with people we love and who love us. And isn't that at the heart of what Christmas is all about?
ps. A few photos of Noah and I making rice crispy squares. A sugar high (then crash) did was scary I tell you- something we will most certainly be very careful not to repeat (too often).


  1. Sounds like you are looking at things in the positive! Which is a great attitude! I remember having to work last Christmas Day and I was so depressed that it just kind of ruined everything...I was just grumpy and couldn't shake those eight hours off. Glad that you get to be surrounded by loved ones for the holidays. Your little family of three will get to make new memories on a different day :)

  2. so cute to be cooking with noni! you will have a great holiday -- you will find and make the time to make your memories.


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