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Saturday, February 26, 2011

winter getting me down

Just for the record, it is still very much winter here and I am starting to get sick of it. Wind, cold, days spent inside? I'm just a tad bit jealous of all my blogger friends who live South of me and who seem to be enjoying spring like weather. Just had to say that.
But what do you do in the middle of the winter when you are sick of it all and think there is no real end in sight? Well, you have a winter festival of course, one called Rendezvous!
I suppose it all started from a need for a little pick me up in the middle of the harsh winter and has been taking place ever since the 1940's it. With contests such as frozen turkey bowling, a dog howling contest, a pet parade, a king and queen contest and more, it is one big event here in the Yukon.
A few traditions that get me cracked up are that all ladies are required to wear a garter, and if they are caught without one they are thrown in jail by the Keystone Kops. Another Yukon tradition that I am excited to graduate from is that until you spend an entire winter here in the Yukon you cannot be called a Sourdough. Instead you are a Cheechako. Winslow, Noah and I are all still Cheechakos until we see the Yukon River thaw out in the spring. We are waiting for that big thaw. No one wants to be a Cheechako.
So on Friday my girl friends and I hit up the festivities with cranky crying toddlers in tow. We did our best to tune out the whines and cheered ourselves (and the cold babes up) with treats like giant cookies and maple taffy on a stick that had been poured on fresh packed snow. We walked around, admired the snow sculptures, gawked at the can-can dancers who were freezing their tushies off in their little outfits and got a picture of the Keystone Kops. It may have been a cold day but at least there was a party to distract us from it. And a party there has been this weekend here in Whitehorse at The Sourdough Rendezvous!
ps. pics are from Friday. That's me with a feather in my hair, a garter on my arm (you just can't see it) and a stick of maple taffy- yum! And that is the ever adorable Sarah with her awesome beaded mittens. I covet those mittens.


  1. Hey Cheechako girl! I feel for you, I really do. We are getting so tired of winter here, too. And now we heard it will drag on through March! Help! But, Spring WILL will....
    You look so cute, and I'm glad you are getting out of the house for some fun!
    Keep your chin up!
    xo Dawn

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I'm in the "sunny south" right now and it is still very much winter, woke up to snow on my car!

  3. I love the photos! I was so busy selling my crafts that I didn't get any. The one time I got to walk around with the boys while Matt managed my table, I forgot the camera.

    And don't worry- spring is just around the corner! After a few weeks of a muddy boy you will be wishing you had the nice clean snow back. :)


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