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Friday, February 25, 2011

lunch box adventures

Getting healthy lunches into my sweet boy is always a bit of a challenge for me. I'm always trying to think up yummy, healthy, balanced and fun to eat meals for my little guy.
I do my best to come up with balanced meals that pack as much nutrients into them as I can. Sneaking veggies into meals has become a fine art for me.
I'm also a firm believer in cute child size bowls, fun dip cups (silicone baking cups work great), and easy to use utensils. I think they make meal time look pretty and more pleasurable. We have a mix of cups and bowls and utensils from IKEA, Nova Natural and Diaso (a Japanese dollar store in Richmond BC).

Today's lunch box adventure included:
  • mini quiches with canned wild salmon, broccoli and cheddar cheese mixed in and a mini cup of ketchup for dipping.
  • a fruit salad consisting of strawberries, kiwi, grapes, banana and blueberries with a squirt of lime juice and a dot of maple syrup for flavour.
  • water to drink.


  1. Keep the ideas coming! I have two littles that I pack a lunch for each day. That's a lot of lunches.

    PB&J gets really old.

  2. Those quiches sound fab! I have everything I need for those right here at home! YAY!


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