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Monday, February 28, 2011

nothing compares

Happy Monday dear friends.
It's a new week full of new promises. A fresh start. I like that this week will be full of the normal day to day routines like grocery shopping, meal planning, cleaning and "Noah" outings but I also like that it will be full of adventure and fun too. A bit of both. Ying and Yang.
Lately I've really been trying to take in and appreciate all that I have. To me, my relationships with my sweet boy, my dear husband, my family and friends mean everything to me. I want to never forget that and to always remember how lucky and in love I am with the people that are most important to me. I just love that feeling of knowing that love and family and friends really are the most important thing in my life. And that I should recognize this and be thankful for it.
Yesterday I got word that we will be having visitors come and see us this summer. My dad and step mom have let us know that they will be making the trip all the way to Whitehorse to see us and I am just over the moon excited. As soon as I got word I started to plan all the places that we would go and things we would do. To be honest, I really never imagined that we would get visitors up here as it really is quite far and very expensive for travel. I'm just beaming with happiness and excitement for our first visitors!
On another note, I have been busy busy with lots of photo sessions as of late. Again, I am feeling quite blessed that I am able to do this as a part time job. It's something that I love to do, quite passionately and I'm excited for what's to come with my little business. I actually have an exciting announcement to make later this week regarding Birds on a Wire Photography. Stay tuned.
And so that is it my dear friends. It's really quite simple. Life, love, relationships, cuddles with my little one and an excitement and passion for my work. It doesn't get much better than that does it?
And how are you dear friends?
ps. Oh and I'm thinking of doing a little giveaway to celebrate my blogaversary. So stay tuned. I think my 2 year blog anniversary may have come and gone. Ooops. But let's throw a litle party anyways shall we?


  1. lovely photos:). i think you are right- there is nothing more to a good life than what you have mentioned. and yay for your visitors! noah is absolutely adorable- i think that i tell you that every time i post. i hope you eat him up every chance that you get:).



  2. omg. that first photo..... so so sweet.

  3. It's all about embracing the good happy for you that you are having company....

  4. Jo, you are awesome at stopping to smell the roses!

  5. That's fantastic news about your visitors this summer!

    Lovely post, Johanna.

  6. Such a sweet post -- and lovey dovey pics! <3 Adorable.

    And that's so great that you'll have visitors this summer!


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