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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's snip-its

Just a few shots of our Valentine's morning. I couldn't have asked for anything more. A delicious breakfast, quality time with my two favourite boys, cards and a stuffed monkey (for Noah) and some lovely roses from my wonderful man. Just perfect.
Hope you had a lovely day.
I loved this anti-Valentine's post done by Bethany. I totally remember those days from years ago. Oh how I hated the big V-day. I totally get those who hate it. Check it out, especially if your Valentine's was less than stellar. *update, the giveaway is done...but still, I thought it was a cute idea.


  1. it looks like an especially sweet day. what a cute mama you are...cutting the strawberries & pancakes into hearts!
    happy you felt so much love this february 14th

  2. What a sweet day you had!!! Noah is so cute!!

  3. What a lovely morning! Thanks for sharing the snaps!

  4. Hehe, Noah's little heart shaped breaky! So cute!

  5. Looks like someone had the cutest V-day ever! Noah's strawberries and bread are so sweet.

    And thank you for your words about my post. I was already to post up some romance, cause you know how I love romance, but couldn't get over how alone i used to feel in my single days. So, why not indulge the single gals a little, right? :) It was a fun V-day and I'm so excited to giveaway a little gift!

  6. What a sweet looking day. I just the black and whites. Any chance you use photoshop to achieve them. I have an action I like, but I am always looking for more options.

  7. Hi OUAP,
    I used an Aperture action on them. It comes with the package. I do a mix of Photoshop and Aperture.


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