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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my week in photos

When I wrote up my New Year's post just a few days ago, I went back through my photo files and dug up some of the collages that I had made over the year. To me, those collage posts were some of my favourite ones to make. Simple, visually pretty and they told a story which I liked. For examples of past collage posts see here and here and here.
So because it is a new year I thought I would start up a new weekly addition of a collage. I'm not going to stick to a particular day, but I will attempt to post one collage a week for the next year.
In case you are wondering about my other weekly traditions like The Tuesday Diptych Project or The Guest Blogging Series, they are both still very much up and running.
If you are interested in writing a guest blog post, please contact me at for more details.

So here we go....

My week in photos:
  • an afternoon walk around Elgin St. in Ottawa
  • a trip to the Museum of Nature with my friend Liz and her sweetie Boris
  • admiring Ottawa architecture
  • enjoying being in my old haunts

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  1. Oh...I love the top right and the bottom left.


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