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Friday, July 9, 2010

our friday in photos

our friday has included:
  • a rainy day, perfect for staying in and being homey
  • playing with new wooden blocks and a vintage fisher price chime ball
  • some sewing and crafting
  • coffee and left over lavender lemon shortbread cookies
Happy weekend dear friends. This will be our last weekend ever in Hamilton and I am feeling pretty overwhelmed about it all. We have a lot on the go this weekend, including a good bye bbq in our honour, a family photoshoot that I am doing, and a 1st birthday party for Noah's little buddy Micah. In amongst all that stuff I also want to get in some serious quality family time and go to some of our favourite Hamilton spots, because as I said, this is our last weekend here ever. Oh boy. Saying good bye is going to be hard. I'm thinking that next week may be heavy on the Hamilton blog posts.

I also want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been leaving such kind comments in telling me that they are thinking about us while we make this big change/move. Your support and care means so much to me, thank you dear friends.

* a few people asked how the cookies turned out. For the most part we all liked them, but next time I would scale back on the amount of lavender that I put in, that's some potent stuff!


  1. Oh Johanna, may it be a wonderful weekend for you all! I hope that you are able to do all that you want. Best of luck with all the moving stuff. I'll be looking forward to keeping up with it all!

  2. Johanna--what a fun-filled weekend you have planned. I know that it'll be hard to say goodbye, but that's the beauty of blogging (you'll still be able to keep in touch, hopefully).

  3. Have a great week-end. You pack so much into your life! All great memories to look back on.
    Thanks for keeping the blog posts going during this busy time in your lives. Thinking of you, especially in the weeks ahead.

  4. our tradition, pooh pooh have a safety move. all the best in your new adventure.

  5. I just love the chime ball - brings back childhood memories!!


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