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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ottawa trip

one more Star-Paco picture
Our Ottawa trip so far has been a busy but enjoyable one. Noah and I are here in Ottawa visiting family and friends for the month. It has been 6 months since we've been "home"...whatever or where ever that may actually be. Winslow unfortunately could not join us and so a part of us is missing here and we wish he had been able to make the trip as well.
Since coming back to Ottawa, I've been ticking off many things from my wish list like shopping at an actual mall (we don't have one in Whitehorse), going out for coffee, stepping out while Noah stays back home with the in-laws, and most importantly spending time with family and friends.
The real reason why I came at this point in the year is because my sister and her partner have brought their brand new baby (yes Baby Bear whom I've been alluding to in previous posts) here for a visit. They travelled from the North as well and so I wanted our visits to coincide so that I could meet my sweet little nephew. And boy is he ever sweet! I had the pleasure of taking his photos today....swoon!
And so I just wanted to pop in and say hi.
It's a busy time right now with lots of driving around and going to see friends and family but as I said, it's a nice kind of busy. During this trip I will be making a little side trip to Montreal to see my friends Eugenia and Irvine- yay! And my cousin too-double yay! I will also be making a separate road trip with my sister and Baby Bear to Lindsay to see our Grandmother- triple yay!
So, while I thought a month may be too long of a chunk of time to be away from our life in Whitehorse, it just may be the right amount of time with all the trips and visits that I want to get in. It really is a lovely predicament to be in.
Hope your start to the new year is shuffling along smoothly.
I'm off to rest before tomorrow's next big adventure.


  1. That is the perfect predicament. Enjoy it, because the month will fly by!

  2. You deserve this special family can't have been easy to move so far from anyone...soak it up and have a wonderful time.


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