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Thursday, December 2, 2010

vancity love

Today was a day full of delicious food, no time schedules, no real plans and an sense of "openess" to do what ever we wanted to do.
A coffee date with a old high school friend (Kasia and her baby Matilda), lunch at Granville Island Market (tofu udon soup yum!), brandy soaked chocolate covered cherries for dessert, window shopping in funky boutique shops, a trip to the Vancouver Aquarium and a banana milkshake for dinner. All in all, a very awesome day.
We have 2 more days here in Vancouver and still have many things that we want to pack in, like taking the night train through Stanley Park, window shopping downtown and checking out a few more funky neighbourhoods . It's been a great vacation so far with the perfect balance of ticking things off our to-do list while still taking our time and not rushing around trying to do too much.
On Sunday we head back to Whitehorse and I'm looking forward to getting our house more ready for Christmas by getting a Christmas tree and by decorating a bit more. Slowly I am getting into the mood.
I hope you are all well dear friends. It's such a busy yet wonderful time of year isn't it?

*A little side note about the aquarium. We had an amazing time there and Noah just loved all the beautiful fishes and creatures that we saw...but I couldn't help but feel a general sadness about seeing the beluga whales kept in captivity. I have always hated to see whales kept anywhere and although we liked the aquarium, I walked away feeling sad to have seen them in such small "habitats" if you can even call them that. Beautiful beautiful creatures that deserve to live freely. We had a great time and loved seeing all the beautiful creatures, but the whales made me sad. And that's my feelings about that.


  1. I appreciate your side note!! Hope all is lovely my sweet friend!! XO

  2. I have another artist/blogger/mama/friend also visiting Vancouver right now! Her past few posts have also mentioned Stanley park and mixed feelings of wonder and sadness on the aquarium.

  3. any holiday always gives a new perspective. enjoy your time.

  4. I agree with your beluga point. Definitely.
    Am so glad you're in that awesome vacation mode right between wandering aimlessly and over-scheduled activity stress. You're making it your own!


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