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Saturday, December 4, 2010

weekend snap shots vancouver edition

Vancouver has been amazing. In such a little time we have managed to do so many fun things, things that have been special and that have been real treats to us.
Before living in the Yukon I took for granted all the options of stores and restaurants that were available to me, but now that we don't have a big selection of places to shop, going to all these places in Vancouver has been that much more exciting to me. Here are just a few of the lasting memories that have been made while we've been here in Vancouver for our little family vacation...
  • meeting up with an old friend from highschool days and her sweet little baby girl
  • going to Granville Market for a yummy lunch
  • meeting up with a dear old childhood friend (who blogs at Eliza Over the Moon) and catching up over strolls through funky neighbourhoods and treats at the German market
  • getting a fabulous haircut at an amazing Aveda solon in Gastown
  • buying MAC makeup
  • going to a German Christmas Market and having hot mulled wine and roasted chestnuts there
  • going on a magical night train through a lit up Stanley Park. I cried when the Christmas music started up and when I saw Noah's eyes light up at all the sweet vignettes
  • eating real authentic Thai food with our good friends who we have been staying with
So as you can tell, we've been treating ourselves very well while here in Vancouver. It's been quite the treat I tell you to be able to eat at so many delicious places and to be able to shop where ever we want. But now it is time to say farewell to our glutenous ways to and take it easy with the excess. It's been fun but it must come to an end.
Tomorrow we jump on a plane and head home to the Great White North- where it is white indeed. We will pray that our car starts after sitting in a parking lot for the past week, we will get to the grocery store and stock up on healthy food items and will go home to our little house where we will unpack and start to get our house ready for Christmas.
Hope you are all well dear friends. Take good care of yourselves.


  1. I had SUCH a good time! Please forward me the pics of us being goofy in the face thing. I'll forward you the pics from my iPhone soon! xx

  2. Wow, looks like a fabulous trip!

    (PS. Did you cut your hair & I missed it somehow? Or is it just tucked into your coat?)

  3. Des- I got it cut in of the BEST cuts I've ever had ;o)

  4. I love Vancouver at Christmastime! (well, any time of year really...)


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