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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

merry and bright

Just a few short days until Christmas and I'm working on the final touches.
The house is decorated, the baking and treat making are done, the gifts are made (and some bought) and the menus have been planned and the food bought. I feel that I can finally kick my feet up and relax. It feels pretty good.
Last night we had a few friends over a little Winter Solstice potluck on the shortest day of the year. Candles and Christmas tree lights, gentle music (to counteract the craziness of three little toddlers), sunny squash soup+beef stew+homemade buns+a cheese was a nice night.
And then later that night I went to tear down my table from the 12 Days of Christmas. This was the last craft fair of the season, I'll write a post on my thoughts of the craft fairs at some point in the New Year.
As I've mentioned a few times over the past few weeks, this Christmas is going to be different. But as I have also mentioned and discovered for myself, different can be a good thing.
Winslow is going to be working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year and then Noah and I leave the next day for Ottawa for over a month...yes, Christmas is going to be different this year. I've had to tell myself over and over again that we will make things work out, that the special meals and plans that I have made for our little family can all still happen, but just at different times. It's been hard to accept these changes, but at the same time it's been a lesson on letting go of "perfect" and that's not such a bad thing...I'm okay with it.
My expectations have become more realistic this year, and my desire for a perfect holiday has been replaced with instead, the desire to have a peaceful holiday. And because of this new found appreciation of what the holidays are really about, I've really found myself enjoying it more. Less pressure and more time for fun and celebrating.
So with just a few days left until the big day, I will be spending my time finishing up gifts to take home to Ottawa, having visits with friends, spending time with my little boy and my big boy (hubby) and will be reminding myself to be thankful for each moment that comes my way.
May your days be merry and bright dear friends. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  1. Merry, merry Christmas, Johanna, Winslow and Noah! Wishing you beautiful moments together, Christmas joy and safe travels.
    Sarah + all

  2. Merry Christmas, Joanna! May it be magical.

  3. Isn't it tough when your traditional Christmas gets all switched around on you? Even if you know the results will be calmer, more peaceful and focused...sometimes I still (foolishly) crave wild, tinsel-filed and noisy...just because that's how it always was!

    Sending you lots of wishes on your different-than-usual Christmas. :) You're always such a calm, peaceful presence in the I'm hoping this Christmas brings you the same. :)


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