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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

lunch box adventures

Yes this is what you think it is : poutine.

If you are not familiar with our national food (just kidding) then you simply must become acquainted with it at least once in your life time.

Poutine is french fries with cheddar cheese curds mixed in and then gravy poured all over it. Yes it is terribly bad for you and yes it is freakin' awesome.


  1. my husbands absolute favorite indulgence in montreal!

  2. Oh, my! Never heard of that! Sounds wonderful! Is there a national recipes?!?:)

  3. definite comfort food!
    we indulge once in awhile, too... with homemade fries and peppercorn sauce is delish!
    love your new blog header pic, too.

  4. Poutine is one of the perks of being Canadian, eh? ;)
    Seeing that photo of our "national food" made me crave it REAL bad. And it's nearly midnight, so instead I will just dream of poutine.

  5. Oh. My. Heavens.

    My dad once went on a trip to Canada, after which he told me all about the Canadians love for fries + gravy. I thought they were crazy until I tried it.

    Blows ketchup out of the water. But, I'd never heard of the curds mixed in. Cheese curds are the state food of Wisconsin (in my mind)...and so I can only imagine the circus of deliciousness that this dish brings!

    Now you've got me craving, lady!

    In other news: So sorry to hear about the lack of shopping near you. What a bummer! Someone recently asked me if I'd move out of my city into a smaller one, to which my immediate response was a small gasp and, "You mean further away from the mall?!" You're much braver than I, Johanna. Much, much braver. :)

  6. That sound incredible!!!!! HUGS!


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