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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 37

The Tuesday Diptych Project is a collaboration between two Canadian mothers, connected by coincidence & inspired by the everyday. Each Tuesday, Desiree from So Fawned and I shall each capture a moment from our day, independent of each other, which we will then pair up and share on our respective blogs. We’re very excited to see the similarities and differences that this project will bring to light.

Desiree (left): I love catching them enjoying little moments like this together. She's definitely her mama's little girl, but sometimes she just wants to sit in his lap while he reads her a story. Oh so sweet.

Johanna (right): A little snap shot from the walk that we took today in the woods. We are all sick here at our place. Noah is actually not sick, he was, but he's better. So today we laid low, ate good food, and went for a nature walk on one of the trails behind out house. The fresh air was good for all of us. "

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