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Monday, November 29, 2010

the great escape

And so without even really thinking about it, Winslow, Noah and I are off for 6 days to Vancouver for a little family vacation.
You see, it just happened that Winslow had a string of days off (well sorta) and he won't have this kind of time off again for a while, so we decided to pack up and head out, out to the land where the mountains meet the ocean and where there is a Starbucks on every single corner (and a sushi joint for that matter). The land of hippy/ easy going / outdoor loving / yoga pants wearing people ....yes, it will be a nice break I tell you.
And what do we plan on doing while there you might ask? All the kinds of things that aren't offered in Whitehorse. Like shopping and eating at places that are new and different to us and taking in cultural places like the Vancouver Aquarium or maybe an art gallery. We plan on taking this night train through Stanley Park and we are also going to go to Seattle for one day...oh it's more than I can take!
I think more than anything though, I am just so excited about the spontaneity of it all. All of this was just planned on a whim. A real "can we actually afford this?" type of thing.
So I'll be off for an adventure for the next few days, but I'll be sure to check in and say a hello from Vancouver!
ps. I'm leaving you with a picture of what is the beginning of my Christmas decorating. It's simple, like I warned you, but I like it. I'm pretty sure that my decorating is going to stay on the simple and "less is more" look this year. With such a small place I just don't have the room to pull out all of our decor.


  1. A beautiful start to you decorating! I love it! Have a most wonderful trip... how very exciting!

  2. I love simple...less is always more. I hope you had a fantastic trip!

  3. Oh, have an awesome friend. I just spent the morning with a friend from Vancouver, WA, USA, and she had just gone with her family to Vancouver, Canada. They loved climbing around the fish at the aquarium. Enjoy!

  4. Oh gosh, sounds like SUCH a fun trip!! Have a wonderful time with your loves!

  5. Love how natural the decor is shaping up to be. The pine cones in the bowl and too cute and simple.


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