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Friday, November 26, 2010

it's the little things

Here in Canada, we already had our Thanksgiving over a month ago, but yesterday (American Thanksgiving) as I read through all my favourite blogs that are written by friends South of the border, I just couldn't help but feel a little bit of their thankfulness rub off on me. It got me thinking about what I am thankful for these days, and of course I am more grateful for my husband, son, family and friends but sometimes it's the little things that make life that much more rich, more fun, more enjoyable...wouldn't you say?

Like for instance...

  • sipping an early grey and orange pekoe tea combo-so incredibly delicious
  • unrushed mornings, where the dress attire would be pajamas
  • picking up fun little things to put into someone I care about's Christmas stocking
  • unlimited cuddles from my sweet little boy
  • writing Christmas cards to friends and family far away
  • having a skype conversation with a loved one
  • mail swaps
  • hanging a bough of fresh spruce on my front door
  • crafting up Christmas gifts for friends
  • dogs that wear jingle bells
And how about you? What are the little simple things that make your life that much more amazing?
Happy Friday dear friends. Another busy weekend is coming up, but I'm ready for it. Take good care!


  1. Found you via So Fawned fellow Canadian!
    I have the warm woollies print in your shop added to my Christmas List because there is just something so warm and festive and comforting about it...I love that the wood has little bits of snow still clinging to it...
    I am intrigued by your northern adventure and must read more on your move.
    And you're right, it is the little things!

  2. I do love this list and am so glad to have found a kindred spirit north of the border.

  3. * the sweet smell of a vanilla candle
    * the sound of my cat, Sunny purring on my lap
    * the very first sip of a caramel frappuccino
    * cuddling under a blanket w/my hubby
    * the giddiness i feel when I find a good deal
    * baking on rainy days in my comfy slippers
    * a really good book
    * a really good chick-flick
    * brightly colored ribbon
    * lip smackers lip balm
    * conversations with my 3-year old niece

  4. I love so many of those things too. Relaxing and drinking tea while lounging in my pajamas, writing Christmas cards (just starting mine now), cuddles from both my little boys, chai tea lattes in the red cup at Starbucks, mail swaps and comments from favourite bloggers, driving up to the house in the evening and the boys' shouts of delight when they see our Christmas lights...

    I'm feeling very thankful too!

  5. I love this list and your blog. You look so sweet. I'm following you now. Talk soon. Your baby boy is gorgeous.

  6. how special you are to recognize the value of the little things. I am blessed to have lived on both sides of the boarder and thought down here in the states now my heart is still Canadian. The family I come from is all up in Canada now mostly cousins as Aunts and Uncles are mostly dead and I would say I was the only one down here in the states, but over at my foster daughter for the holiday of Thanksgiving in the states I received the best hug from my granddaughter and she would keep cuddling now there is no real blood between us, but there is love...I am truly blessed.

  7. I'm in Canada too!! Lovely post, I too felt Thankful all over again reading posts from American blogging friends. :) Great blog, will be back!


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