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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 40

Johanna (left): The snow has been falling steadily for the last week or so and has left my new home of Whitehorse a beautiful winter wonderland. The snow here is different from how I am used to it back home. This snow is light and powdery and blows away very easily. It is not "snowman" snow, its not wet or heavy but instead fluffy and in a way delicate. Just the other day I was looking closely at the snow and was amazed to see actual snowflake forms still intact. It's just so beautiful to see.
Desiree (right): Our whole house smells just like Christmas. Candles in cinnamon, baked goods and pine. I love walking into our home after a long, wintry walk

and being greeted by those oh so familiar scents.

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