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Thursday, September 30, 2010

time to give thanks

taken on our impromptu road trip on Monday

It's late a night, I just got home from having the most delicious dinner at my friend's house and I am feeling all warm inside as I listen to my sweet little boy breathe in and out as he sleeps next to me. Life with all it's complications, with it's ups and downs, remains beautiful to me and I must stop and write down exactly what it is that I am thankful for so that I never forget that I am blessed and fortunate beyond belief.
Tonight I am thankful for...a delicious dinner and good conversation shared with new friends...for the crisp autumn air...for the majestic sight of the snow capped mountains that surround me daily...for the sound of my sleeping babe breathe in and out, in and out, in and out...for a certain baby bear's soon to be arrival, I am so excited... for second chances at doing photo sessions and understanding friends...for tomorrow and the fresh start that is allowed...for having girl's night and watching silly stupid t.v. shows that can easily become addictive...for my yoga class...for cards and gifts that com ein the mail from thoughtful friends, all the way from back home...for being fortunate enough to go to the grocery store and buy wholesome fresh food for my family, something that should never be taken for granted...for a cozy home...for having laughing fits with Noah and Winslow.
Good night or good day to you dear friends...
I'll be back later on with a call for submissions. I am starting a round of guest posts and am looking for interested bloggers....that means you! I'll tell you all about it very soon.


  1. looking forward to your guest bloggers!!

  2. Margie....stay tuned- I'd love for you to be one.


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