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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the tuesday diptych project week 33

The Tuesday Diptych Project is a collaboration between two Canadian mothers, connected by coincidence & inspired by the everyday. Each Tuesday, Desiree from So Fawned and I shall each capture a moment from our day, independent of each other, which we will then pair up and share on our respective blogs. We’re very excited to see the similarities and differences that this project will bring to light.

Johanna (right): A special moment of my day. Watching my sweet little boy use his crayons on a large piece of paper. My little boy is growing up so quickly and is trying out so many new things.

Desiree (left): Last Monday was the day my life changed. I realize that sounds drastic, but it's true. Last Monday I started a new regime & my home has never looked better. Without getting to gushy about it, I've started following the word of the FlyLady & if you knew me, your jaw would drop upon entering my home. It's been just over a week & the entire main floor of my house is clean. If you knocked on my door unannounced, I wouldn't even panic. I wouldn't have to hide dirty dishes in the over, I wouldn't have to pile things on the stairs to get them out of site & I wouldn't even have a heart attack if you asked to use my bathroom. It all starts with shining your kitchen sink. Trust me.


  1. love love love this idea! saw a similar idea a while back. you might like this link:
    wanted to do this with my friend in toronto; we talked about it but no action! can't wait to watch along....such fun!

  2. what a great project! i love projects...especially ones that have to do with photography ;)


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