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Thursday, September 2, 2010

i just had to

so I finally figured out how to get a video link to work here on my blog. I guess my files were way too big in the past to ever work. The qulaity may not be the best, but I just had to share this one clip. This was taken tonight, when Noah discovered his popcorn toy (the old Fisher Price push toy). And since he is trying to walk, he realized how it works and just feel in love with it. He must have practiced with that thing for a good 45 minutes before he started to lose momentum and wanted his sousy and blanky.
Hope you are having a great one. Happy Friday!


  1. hi johanna, kath is the one who has ties in dawson. she never lived there but spent three or four weeks a year up there. her best friend moved to dawson when she was quite young and kath has made herself part of that community. she can tell you more, but she loves it!!

  2. Johanna, your house looks so settled. Are you feeling that way?!

  3. Your blog (pie photo) is making me HUNGRY!

  4. Coralee- I made that pie... it was a long time ago- but I thought it was a nice end of summer/early fall pic to use. :o)

  5. How fun to see him in action! I love the new header! Gorgeous! Yes, yes, pie for fall. Made an apple one yesterday but didn't get a shot of it before the family got into it! Thinking of you guys...


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