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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

inspiration, nature and being creative

Happy September dear friends. Isn't September one of the most magical months? Back to school, leaves turning colours, crisp air, promises of cozy days ahead? How can one not be inspired? I took these photos just yesterday and couldn't believe how striking the red leaves looked against the sky.
Right now I'm so excited for the fall and all the exciting things that will come with it. I have a few exciting projects up my sleeves that include my photography and some crafting. It feels good to have some goals to be working towards and I like having the pressure of a due date to remind me to stay on track.
I'm also planning on getting back to my sketch book this week and have a really cute idea of what my next sketch will be, let's just say it involves Noah's Halloween costume..."whoooo whoooo"!
So happy September dear friends! May your fall days be filled with plenty of pumpkin spice lattes ( I had my first yesterday!), cozy sweater weather, walks in the woods, leaves that turn beautiful colours and cozy days ahead.


  1. Yes!!! Cheers to September. I put on an orange shirt that I had been saving for fall and ordered some cordouroy toms shoes. This is by far my favorite season.
    Did you make that pie? Yumskins. Are you planning anything to fill your days with Mr. Noah.

  2. Honestly ... it is one of my favorite months!! It is always sweet and I love it when you can smell fall in the crisp autumn air. xo

  3. I love autumn, especially in the Yukon. I got a package of coffee from Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters as a birthday gift. I thought of you when I was drinking it. It is weird the synchronicity in our lives, Ottawa, Southern Ontario and now the Yukon.

  4. You and me both! Autumn is the time when I feel most creative. There is something in the air, and it is like my personal Spring. And ohhh pumpkin spice lattes.


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