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Friday, September 24, 2010

pretty packages and an up date on Birds on a Wire Photography

I thought I'd give a little update about what is going on with my little business called Birds on a Wire Photography. I haven't spoken too much about my business here on my blog but thought it might be nice to fill you in on what I've been up to, since it really is becoming a big part of my life.
It was less than a year ago that I started thinking about taking photos in a more serious way, as in taking it from a hobby and morphing it into a small business. In the beginning stages, I asked friends if I could practice by doing sessions with them for free and most of my friends were happy to oblige. After a while I decided to take the jump and offer my services to close friends and family at an entry rate that I was comfortable with and slowly I started to get a few more people interested in working with me.
As I found more people to be interested in my work I decided to do some very simple and cost conscious but effective marketing and I have found that to make all the difference. If you are thinking about opening a small business, use what is available to you like Facebook, Blogger and free websites like weebly. In all honesty I didn't have to spend much at all to get myself more noticed and we all know that visibility and image is so important in business (especially arts related business).
When it comes to product and service and I am of the belief that if you go the extra mile and do a good job on packaging your product that your customer will walk away with a good feeling. But being someone who was just starting out and didn't have a ton of money to invest into fancy packaging, I was on the look out for affordable ways to wrap up the cds that I give my clients at the end of our session. Enter the fabulous Ms. Marta from Marta Writes. If you don't know about her, you simply must become familiar. She gave me the idea of how I should package my cds and I am loving it so much. I then decided to get some business cards made and well you can see in the above photos what the finished product looks like. Kinda homemade, but that's okay because that's who I am and that's my style and we all have to stay authentic right?
When we found out that we were moving to the Yukon, I wasn't quite sure if I would be able to continue my work or how I would be accepted into the art community, but so far I have been very fortunate to have received a warm welcome from other local artists and I have been able to get the word out about what I do. It's been so inspiring to come up to a town where the arts are embraced and where I have been finding opportunities to get my work seen.
More recently I decided to open an Etsy shop just for fun. My main goal was just to provide a venue for my fine art photography prints where for those who were interested could purchase something small that they might like. I have also decided to show my photography and paintings this coming holiday season at two craft shows (apparently Yukoners are all about the craft shows and I can hardly wait!).
And so there it is folks, a little update of what I am up to and to what I have up my sleeve.
You know that old saying, "find something that you love to do and you won't feel like you have worked a day in your life"...well that's exactly how I am feeling these days about what I am up to. I am loving the fact that my work schedule is flexible and that I can still stay at home with Noah during the days. Life is good and I am indeed blessed.
Now back to work on my art for the upcoming craft shows!
Hope you have enjoyed this update!


  1. Johanna, I am so glad you are enjoying what you do, because you do it so well, and it's a gift to the world.

    I am also so glad to hear about how you are easing into your new surroundings, and Yukon sounds like such a beautiful, fascinating, special place!


  2. I'm hoping to get a frame for the beautiful fall trees soon! It's lovely. So happy you have found something fulfilling. Happy weekend to you, Johanna.

  3. The way the cd of photos arrived was so darn cute! I loved it!

    We are so glad you moved up here and started your business. The comments on the photos you took have been overwhelmingly positive!

    You are a very talented artist and the Yukon is lucky to have you!

  4. love love love this post! so happy for you, j.


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