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Thursday, September 23, 2010

an autumn family photo session

Last weekend I had the pleasure of doing three photo sessions for three different families. It was such a treat to be able to drive up to the communities in which these families live and to take their photos for them. Each family was so unique and interesting in their own ways and the kids...oh the kids were just sweetest! To see shots from my first session click here.

When my friend Carmen approached me and asked me to take photos of herself, her lil one, her lil one's Daddy and her Grandma I just knew that it would be a special family affair. Carmen's grandmother was visiting her from out of town and she wanted a special keepsake to remind her of their time together. The day turned out to be a beautiful, sunny, warm autumn day and the time we spent together was really nice. Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful family Carmen!


  1. That baby on the blanket box is an amazing photo. (they all are, but I love that one)

  2. Oh, that one with the grandma makes me teary. So beautiful.

  3. that baby girl is too cute.

    awesome photos!

  4. Another beautiful set of family photos. Darling little girl. Lovely to see grandma in the pics. too.

  5. thanks Jo!! I wish my mom was here to have a few photos of four generations! Thanks for the memories! <3


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