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Monday, September 27, 2010

party party!

On Saturday I turned the big 2-9 and yes, I am feeling fine! The day included a solo trip to Starbucks and the book store- pure uninterrupted alone "me" time and then a dinner party at our house with friends and lots of adorable little kiddies running around. I decided about week ago that for my birthday I would like to have an Indian potluck dinner and let me just say that it was fabulous!
Now that we live up North, there aren't as many restaurants to choose from when it comes to going out for dinner. And if it is international food that you are craving, well your options are even smaller. I do realize that in Whitehorse we are pretty lucky- yes we have sushi and Vietnamese food but it's not like the way it is back in the multicultural hub of Ontario where we used to live, where every second restaurant is Thai or Indian or Japanese and I miss that. But for me, the next best thing to going out for authentic international food is to make it at home and have people over to enjoy it. Actually I take that back. It' s not even the "next best thing", it is the best thing because to me, inviting people into our home to eat and celebrate is so much better than going out.
And so, on Saturday night we welcomed some of our new Yukon friends into our home and had a lovely meal of homemade butter chicken, basmati rice, lentil dhal, homemade naan bread and a yummy spinach/strawberry salad. After our bellies were full of good food and good wine, we then feasted on a delicious chocolate cake with turquoise boiled buttercream icing...oh heaven!
The night was full of laughter, children running around and playing, good conversation and delicious food and I couldn't be more thankful for that.
I'm not sure if it is age that has done this to me but I truly feel that as I have grown up and become the person that I am today, that I am much more of a thankful person. It isn't so much about fancy material things anymore but more about the joyful memories that I get to experience each day of my life. In the past, birthdays would have been about the gifts and the actual "what we are doing today" but now I have come to see that happiness and joy and celebrations can be as simple yet memorable as a potluck dinner with friends.
So this year instead of making a wish on my birthday candle, I said a quiet "thank you" for all that I have. New experiences, a loving family (near and far), friends (near and far), my health, and laughter. I truly have so much to be thankful for.
ps. As a birthday gift to myself I bought a set of "Lola" cake bunting flags from Kiki La Ru. Dawn is the creator of these adorable buntings and I am so happy that we got to use them on my cake.


  1. Oh my the food sounds delicious!

    Sounds like you had a perfect birthday!

  2. oh, happy day! Happy birth-day!
    Such a beautiful family - you, your hubby & that adorable baby boy. Such a beautiful cake! Such a beautiful you.
    Being thankful is a beautiful thing, too. :)

  3. great decorations and great photos!

  4. What a great idea about the pot luck. And I *love* the bunting!! Looks like you had a fabulous birthday - I'm glad!

  5. PS - if you have cake bunting, does that mean you can't have candles?

  6. Happy birthday! I love this post, i love reading about it, reading how quickly you have settled in, how you took time for yourself at the book store and cafe! You are beautiful!


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