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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

keepin busy

Oh life is busy dear friends, but busy in a good kind of way. Lately my days have been filled with playing with Noah, teaching him new things, making healthy meals, doing photo sessions, creating and crafting for the upcoming craft show season and basically just trying to just hold down the fort. The days seem to go by quickly. Visits with friends, errands to run, dinners and lunches to prepare and a little boy that demands and deserves undivided is happening and there is beauty in the everyday that I must remember to take in.
Those that know me the best, know that I am not the most organized, on top of it person when it comes to handling life's hustle and bustle. Add too many appointments, to-do lists, and engagements and something is sure to be forgotten in the mix. But lately I've been trying extra hard to stay on top of our family affairs by using a calender that holds all our appointments and by using a white board to write down my weekly meal plan onto. I've been holding onto the idea that if I can put the extra effort into organizing my week ahead, that maybe just maybe our life will have a bit more balance to it and a bit more peace. And I think we can all agree that a more peaceful and balanced family makes for a happy family right?
So I'm wondering- what do all you super mamas out there do to keep your family organized? Any special tips or tricks that you do? I'd love to hear about them!
Happy Tuesday dear friends. Hope your week is going swimmingly ( I like that saying, it makes me happy).
These pictures were taken on the 24th when we got a lot of snow. Most of it has melted away now...but just last night it started snowing again! I fear that fall is officially over already.


  1. I still can't believe it's snowing there! Wow!
    I not a supermom yet, and I know what you mean about not really being on top of everything or feeling easily swamped. I keep a weekly calendar by my computer all the time and write down every little thing I need to remember, even weekly things like picking up the organic chicken from the butcher or putting the milk bottles out to be picked up. EVERY LITTLE THING. Then I check off each thing when they've been done. Pretty basic, but it's what works for me. Um...most of the time. LOL!

    xoxo Dawn

  2. i am so happy to tell you. four children and a full time job and i lived by my moleskine book. i wrote it all down and then i would buy another notebook, datebook, journal and start all over again until i had tons of books partially filled with family details, work details, etc. i have an aversion to mail, opening it is my most hateful job, still is. the hydro was cut off, etc. and i would laugh and say i am the worst at opening mail. i often wonder what those bill collectors thought as i would talk my way out of the reconnection fee. nothing was ever well organized except maybe meals because i do love to cook. meanwhile everyone grew up, the bills would get paid eventually, food was eaten, work was done and true it was sometimes chaotic but a sense of humour kept us alive. don't worry, you will be just fine.

  3. I use good calendar- this is new to me since I got my smart phone. Pros is that my husband an access it at work and I can access on my phone. Cons- I like the good old fashioned paper kind.

    Meals- I plan for every week during the weekend. I try to plan according to our activities. It mostly works.

    And I try to keep to the mantra less is more. This is the hardest for me. I want to see our friends, do fun things and get out, but I have to limit it so we all stay sane!

    And, oh my, about the snow! You can look at our fall pics now if you need more fill!

  4. You know I love me some crisp lists, calendars and meal plans! See? I'm slowly making my way into your psyche!

  5. sweet photos of your sweet little boy! so much snow in your corner of the's kinda nice when it melts away before it really is here to stay. i too struggle to stay organized....lists seem to work the best for me. it brings such a sense of accomplishment to check items off!
    enjoy your tuesday

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  7. I want to buy a big white board for meals! What a great idea.. though I might want chalk... I love chalk....
    With our family up to 6, if I can simplify GREAT!
    I make lots of lists and use my wall calendar... if something is happening.. it's up there!

  8. Wow, I can't believe all that snow!! Amazing, and SO beautiful!


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