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Sunday, September 26, 2010

new tunes

There is one gift that I always love to receive and to give, and that is music. From the mix cds that my bestfriend Amy still makes for me, to that first Aretha Franklin cd that I was allowed to choose out...I love music.
And so this year when I was asked by family what I would like for my birthday, I gladly gave a few suggestions of music that I would like to receive.
I asked for 3 new albums that are out and they have been on steady rotation ever since.
They are: "Oh little Fire" by Sarah Harmer, "Gem and I" by Emm Gryner and "Suburbs" by Arcade Fire (you should be able to listen to these artists if you search a bit on their websites). All so good, but I think my favourite is Sarah's new album...well worth the wait since her last.
Don't you just love getting new music? I think it's one of the best gifts to give because it is the gift that keeps on giving.
So how about you? Have you been listening to any good new or old music lately?


  1. I love that new Arcade Fire--it's in my car right now. It's great for the daily car ride that I have to take.

  2. OH thanks for the reccos. I have an old Sarah Harmer that I (shhh.... don't tell) copied from a dics I borrowed from the library once. I'll have to check out her new one!


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