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Monday, August 30, 2010

weekend update

In a spare of the moment decision over the weekend, Wins and I decided to hop on the trolly that takes itself through downtown and along the Yukon river. It was a 2 dollar ride for each person (children free) and I think Noah thought it was pretty cool. * Sidenote...He's really starting to look and act like a little boy now, don't you think?
It's been exactly a month now that we've been here in Whitehorse and really it's starting to feel more and more like home. Of course there are the occasional moments where I catch myself missing home, or thinking about how far my loved ones are from me, but for the most part, it has been a pretty easy transition. One thing that has helped has been setting down a bit of a routine. Dinner between 5-6, bathtime between 7-8 and then bedtime. I've been doing well at making home made meals and am almost always successful at sending Winslow off to work with a lunch in hand. I really think that if the little day to day occurrences stay relatively the same everyday, that we all just feel a bit more settled. Or maybe I do. Either way, a happy, calm, not too stressed out mama makes for a happy family.....don't you agree?
On a completely different note, guess what I did for the first time in a long time today? I took a bath (don't worry, I normally do clean myself's just it's usually in the form of the 3 minute shower...most mamas will know what the 3 minute shower is all about). Not only did I take a bath, but it was a long one, and it felt good~!
And on the note of taking baths and doing things just for myself, I have started to make a little list of other small things that I can do, just to make my day a little better, a little less it goes...
...write letters to friends who are far in my sketch a novel (something I haven't done in a very long time)...take more walks...take more baths...take up yoga ( I just signed up for a class!) on my up with friends for coffee dates...
How about you? What do you do just for yourself? I'm curious to know what others do to feel a sense of balance in their lives?


  1. i love doing yoga, though i'm not very good at it! i just pray during the meditation part... my weekend was as relaxing as could be in the circumstances! We are anxious to move tomorrow! I'll let you know how it goes! ♥

  2. That is a lovley picture of you and your son....

  3. Oh my gosh he is getting so big!! Too Cute!!! Sending you a hug! xo

  4. I love your blog. What a fantastic photographer you are!

    Things I do for myself:
    Write (letters, novel, blog, ect.)
    Paint nails
    Get hair done


  5. Once in a while I leave both kids at home with Matt and I go for a quad ride on my own. So nice to do it without both kids on with me. Going down the trails fast with leaves and dirt flying up behind me brings a smile to my face every time.

  6. I'm SO in love with that sweater! Were did you find it?

  7. Hi Des- the sweater was a hand me down....gymboree I think from maybe 8 years ago??? sorry that doesn't help. It came from my nephew Omar who is 9 now!

  8. I am so glad that you our settling in well. it does sound wonderful and healthy all of it. i really love how you share your thought with us.

  9. You just made me quite green at the thought of the mama freedom having a one year old means. Or maybe it was just the reminder I needed that I'll be out of this newborn stage again so quickly! A bath!!! Ahhh...


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