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Friday, August 27, 2010

so happy

Happy Friday dearest friends. I hope that your weekend starts off on a great note...I'm feeling pretty happy today I must say.
Yesterday was the kind of day that made me feel happy and at peace with myself and my life. It wasn't as though anything really big happened, instead a number of small happy things happened, which in turn added up to make my day very special.
Here are a few things that happened...
...I received
an early birthday present (something that I bought myself) in the mail. Isn't it just the sweetest thing ever? Dawn is one very talented and creative lady. I can't wait to decorate my birthday cake with it and take pictures to show you all!
...I edited photos from the photo shoot that I did on Wednesday.
...I went for a walk downtown with my little Noni. The sun was shining and the temperature was just perfect.
...I had the most delicious chai tea latte at my favourite Whitehorse coffee shop. Yum!
...Noah and I went to the Fireweed Outdoor Market and enjoyed looking at all the vendors. We bought two loaves of homemade bread and some locally grown organic tomatoes.
...We were invited to our friend's house for dinner Awesome company, yummy Indian food, and adorable babes...a perfect end to a wonderful day.
So happy Friday dear friends. May your day be filled with cozy warm drinks, time spent with special people and time to relax.
ps. A photo that I took of Noah this past week at the park with his Dada.


  1. johanna! this sounds like a perfect day....really. i love the sweet things from dawn's shop.....and a early happy birthday to you! is there anything better than getting something special in the mail? happy friday & warm wishes...

  2. Happy birthday and weekend to you too! Yay for birthday presents and outdoor markets and photo shoots and yummy Indian food!

  3. what a sweet baby...
    love all of dawn's things too...

    when is your birthday?
    and YES! that is this years martha...

    sending love and happy birthday wishes

    kary and teddy

  4. Sounds lovely :) And that is such an adorable picture!

  5. happy to see you are settling in your new home town.


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