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Saturday, August 7, 2010

the room to breathe

Happy weekend dearest of dears. I hope that your weekend is a lovely one and that you can find a few moments for yourself at some point. Lately I'm finding that to be one of my biggest issues, finding time for myself. I know this is probably one of the most common struggles amongst mothers or anyone for that matter, but recently I'm finding it more and more difficult to balance out my time and sneak away a few moments for myself.
I know that right now is a particularly crazy time for myself and my family, so I guess I'm just hoping that things start to settle themselves out a bit and that we find a nice balance soon.
But I'll tell you, one thing that has definitely been helping me improve my mood is the gorgeous scenery that I see every day, isn't it stunning? I took these photos just yesterday when Winslow, Noah and I went exploring around our area. Just beautiful!
And so if I can get out and enjoy my beautiful surroundings everyday, I'm certain that I will start to feel a bit more myself and will find what I am looking for, the room to breathe.

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  1. Oh, it is gorgeous! I'm so excited to see some pictures of your new home. I loved the ones of the cute downtown as well. It looks like a very nice place indeed!
    Ah, time to yourself. So hard isn't it? My biggest struggle right now is that I sometimes want to take some time to myself in the evenings but feel guilty because that is the time that Neal and I have to be together. It can be tricky to balance the needs of our families with our own. Glad you are finding ways to breathe!
    I'd love to see more scenery when you have a chance please!


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