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Sunday, August 8, 2010

slow sunday

Phone calls with dear friends and family back home...a walk to our friend's house...wood piles being stacked for a long winter that's to covered mountains....a cool grey morning....warm sweatshirts pulled over our heads...a visit with a cat named Goober...a hubby who sleeps after an overnight shift...lunch...a trip to town...a stop at the indoor playground to settle an antsy babe...a slow Sunday.
Hope yours is a lovely one. I'll be back tomorrow with my first sketch from the request series.


  1. sounds lovely, we need to get our wood ready too.

  2. Great photos of the wood stacks, also lovely pics on yesterday's post.
    It must be a little strange for Noah settling in to a different space too.
    Look forward to reading of your impressions and experiences in further posts.


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