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Friday, August 13, 2010

late night confessions

It's late at night and I should be asleep but I'm not.
My mind is racing at a fast pace, running with ideas, getting inspiration from all kinds of wonderful sources and thinking ahead to what I want to do with myself over the next few months and year. Thoughts of working, thoughts of my photography business, thoughts of my family- I have so much on my mind.
Today I had the realization that I need a plan of action, not for any specific reason other than just for myself. I think that the novelty of moving and traveling is starting to fade and I am now coming to a point where I am asking what are you going to do with yourself.
It's an interesting time right now. Noah is just coming up to his first birthday and with that I am asking myself all kinds of questions. And the questions are real ones, like am I satisfied to be an at home mama? Or should I go back to work? And if I do go back to work, what kind of work would I want to do?
At this point in time I think it may be too soon to rush into any type of decision. Life is just barely starting to feel settled and right now my main priority is getting my family settled into a balance and some sort of routine. I am lucky and fortunate to be in my situation, I realize this, and for now I am just going to ease into our new life up here and see what comes my way.
Happy late Friday night dear friends.


  1. Ah... so hard to decide.... you want a little something else in your life... but these years are so precious.... Whatever you decide will work for you, I'm sure of that! My mind has been thinking too in those wee hours.... be open to what the Lord whispers in those times.... (a reminder for me as well!) lots of love Jo!
    ♥ Erine

  2. One step at a time -- you'll find what works for you!

    Lots of love!

  3. you and i....should have been chatting on the phone last night....i was sleepless far too late as well. ugh. so much going on right now i can understand why your mind is whirling's all about finding a balance and i'm sure you will find the perfect balance for you and your family!
    enjoy your weekend


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