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Thursday, August 12, 2010

good morning sunshine!

Good moring or good day to you! Noah and I are enjoying a quiet morning together. We've read books, played with toys and had a nice breakfast. Noah had already eaten half a banana, a piece of 12 grain toast and a bowl of ricotta cheese & apple sauce when he decided that my smoothie looked mighty good and that he would like to have some. And have some he did! He nearly finished it all! Now...just to figure out how to sneak some veggies into our smoothies to up the healthy factor. Goodness knows we could both use it.
Oh and also I had a pumpkin spice muffin, adapted from this recipe. I can't tell you how much I love these muffins. They are no fail and every time come out moist. I cut out much of the sugar from the recipe and I add raisins and pumpkin seeds to the mix. I'm telling you...soooooo delish!
Happiest of days to you dearest friends.


  1. Those muffins LOOK OH SO TASTY!! Sweet hugs to you! xo

  2. Try putting spinach leaves in your smoothies: no joke, they blend in really well and have no taste, but mucho veggie points!

  3. i am making those muffins !!!!!

    i saw your darling illustration you did of our beautiful dawn. well, my are a VERY talented artist..and you captured dawn just perfectly...i just LOVED it so MUCH....
    have you done any illustrations for are so GOOD !!!!

    sending love to you and your sweet Noah today,
    kary and teddy

  4. I second the spinich leaves in smoothies, it's a great way to sneak in some nutrients. I'll be trying those muffins, they look great and pumpkin seeds would be extra yummy.

  5. Love the new header! I agree whole-heartedly with the spinach in the smoothies. We do it all the time. Other smoothie-friendly veggies include red peppers and/ or cooked beets. The beets are the same color as mixed berries. Bright pink goodness! Yum. And those muffins... they sounds sooo good. Perfect for fall! (Can't believe it is almost here!)

  6. spinach is a good idea, but it changes the color of the smoothie. My favorite add in vegetable is frozen cauliflower - it's white so it doesn't change the color of the smoothie, it's tastelss and when used frozen it adds to the frostiness of the smoothie.


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