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Saturday, August 14, 2010

day at the beach

Today included take-out Lebanese food, a drive to the beach, a picnic, lots of sand everywhere, some fun in the water and a beautiful back drop- Lake Kookatsoon. The Yukon sure is beautiful in the summer and from what I hear, we better enjoy every minute of it because fall is just around the corner.


  1. Summer is nice, but I think fall is the best time of the year! No bugs, the yellow and orange leaves, dark at night, cranberries, playing outside without melting, and the number one reason I like fall: hunting season! Hurray!!

  2. cranberries??? you have me excited. where do you find wild cranberries and tell me....what do you do with them? I know the obvious...but what do you like them for?

  3. Take out Lebanese...YUM. And the pictures look lovely, sounds like you had a magical day.

  4. what a wonderful day it seems to have been:). one of the things i'm really looking forward to about having a little guy, is taking him to the beach and building sand castles... next summer:). your littls man is adorable:). enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  5. I had a great cranberry spot in Ross River and froze them to make the cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We'll have to find a Whitehorse area!

  6. Oh the cranberries!! I am sure you will find them. Best to pick the low busy cranberries after the first frost. They will smell like horribly dirty stinky feet. The high bush cranberries are ripe here already- a little early this year!

    I make jars and jars of cranberry jelly. I also freeze the juice to add to drinks throughout the winter.

  7. oh i love these pictures.....makes me want to pack up the car and head to the beach! your little man is oh so cute enjoying the water...i could just give him a squeeze!
    happy sunday

  8. I love these photos!! You are beautiful!!! Sending you a hug!! xo


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